Professional Positions

Manager of Project Wild Country Development Program – 2017
Program Manager of Alberta Music – 2017
Owner of Jesse Northey Productions – 2012 – Present
Studio Manager at Edmontone Studio (2015-2016)
Producer for Mix Tape Club (Tape Subscription Music Service) – 2014-2015
Manager at Esper Records- 2011-2013
Production Coordinator at CKXU- 2009 – 2013
Jamboree Coordinator for University of Lethbridge Fresh Fest – 2012-2013
Co-Festival Planner for Swig of Alberta Traveling Music Festival – 2012
C0-Festival Planner for Magnetic South Festival – 2011

Canada’s Music Incubator – Artist Manager Program – 2016
University of Lethbridge – Bachelor of Music (Digital Audio Arts) Degree . 2013
Pro tools 101 Certificate

Album Credits

In Progress/Unreleased – Sam Spades LP (2017) Old World Records LP (2017) Tanner James LP (2017), Colleen Brown and Scenic Route To Alaska (2017) The Utilities LP (2017)

The Betrayers – “12 Songs To Haunt You” – Engineer,Co-Producer – 2017

Diamond Mind – “Heavy Metal Sunshine” – Engineer,Co-Producer – 2016
Nick Dehod – “Out of Sight” – Engineer, Producer, and Mixer – 2016
Soft Violence – “Beneath A Wounded Moon” – Engineer and Mixer – 2016
Mark Times and the New Romans “So It Goes EP” Engineer and Mixer – 2016
Braden Gates “Album/Month Project” – Engineer and Mixer – 2016
Jesse and the Dandelions – “True Blue ” Engineer, Mixer, Producer – 2016
Consillience – “Under Our Beds” – Engineer, Mixer, Producer – 2016
Sparkleblood – “Denim Tape ” Engineer,Mixer – 2016
Swear By The Moon “Self Titled” Engineer,Mixer – 2016
Rob Heath “The Key” Engineer, Mixer, Producer – 2016
Reid Maul “Simplicity” – Engineer, Mixer – 2015
Tyler Butler and His Handsome Friends – Engineer, Mixer, and Producer – 2015
Diamond Mind – “Blank Tape EP” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Doug Hoyer – “Dream Life” Engineer, Mixer, and Producer – 2015
Brother Prussia – “Self Titled” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Eva Foote – “Sparrow and Stone EP” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Arianna Brophy – “Ink and Water EP” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Robbie Shiriff – “The Northey Sessions” – Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Ella Coyes and Jasper Smith – “Soon the Wind Came” Engineer and Mixer – 2015
Consilience “Walking Through a Dead Night EP” Engineer, Mixer – 2014
Betrayers “Love Rat 7” Engineer,Mixer 2014
Casper Hollands “Puzzle of Dreams” Engineer, Mixer – 2014
Doug Hoyer “Blood Donair” Engineer,Mixer, and Producer – 2014
Young Apothecary “A Thin Place” Engineer,Mixer, and Producer – 2014
Peer Support “View” Engineer and Mixer – 2014
We Were Friends  “Let Them Howl” Engineer and Mixer – 2014
The Ashley Hundred’s “Postcards From The Moon” Engineer and Mixer – 2014
Zachariah and The Prophets “Goodnight Icarus” – Engineer and Mixer- 2014
Norwegian Blue Records “Windy Rock” – Mastering Engineer – 2014
Wolf Teeth’s “Self Titled” – Engineer and Mixer – 2014
Mormon Girls “The Farm Sessions”- Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Jesse and the Dandelions “A Mutual Understanding”Producer,Engineer,Mixer- 2013
Local Haunt’s “Self Titled” EP- Additional Engineering and Mixer- 2013
The Yeah Dads “Demand Fun” Engineer, and Mixer- 2013
The Ruby Plumes “Twirling T’wards Freedom” Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Ruby Plume’s “Self Titled 7 Inch” Engineer and Mixer – 2013
Amy Bronson’s “Grizzly Bear Heart” Engineer, Mixer, and Producer- 2013
Kilgore Trout “From Tralfamadore with Love” – Engineer and Mixer – 2013
Peer Support’s “Far From Here” Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Windigo’s “Rhombus” Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Eric Drader’s “Rebirth” Engineer and Mixer- 2013
Todd Robinson’s “The Other One” Mixer- 2013
Windigo’s “Retrospectrum” Engineer and Mixer- 2012
Redrum Triumph’s “Exhibit A” Engineer and Mixer- 2012
Lowell Van Carroll and the Insufficient Funds – Engineer and Mixer- 2012
Liam Faucher’s “Blizzard Fist” Engineer and Mixer -2012
The Utilities “Flint” Engineer and Mixer-2012
Jesse and the Dandelions “Time and Space” Engineer and Producer – 2012
Brenna Lowrie’s “The Body Electric” Engineer and Mixer-2012
Drew Erickson’s “The Happy Sky EP” Engineer, Producer, and Mixer – 2012
Herky Cutler’s “Love is like a Chicken” Engineer-2011
Church’s “Live EP” Engineer and Mixer-2011
The Record Holder’s “To Sea EP” Engineer and Mixer-2011
Jesse and the Dandelions “The Lions Tooth” Engineer – 2010
The Burn Ins “Laser Jesus” Engineer and Mixer-2010
The Necessities “Forbidden Fruit” Engineer and Mixer-2010
Amy Bronson’s “Energized and Fascinated EP” Engineer and Mixer-2009
Lois Timms’ “Wind Through The Olive Trees” Engineer and Mixer-2008

Film and Television
“Livestock Online” – Alberta Music Concert Series – Producer – 12 Episodes
“Thousand Yard Stare” Boom Operator (Feature Film)
“Prairie Sessions” Producer/Videographer/Audio Engineer (Monthly)- 5 episodes
“Intimidate Me” Sound Design/Music Composition/Mixer (Short Film) – 2012
“The Medic” Sound Design/Musical Score/Mixer/ADR/ (Feature Film)- 2012
“Jaded” Sound Design/Musical Score/Mixer-2011 (Short Film)
“To Free My Soul” Sound Design/Engineer/Mixer-2011 (Short Film)
“Dilemma” Sound Design/Engineer/Mixer/Composer-2010 (Short Film)
“The Overture” Sound Design/Engineer/Mixer/Composer-2011 (Short Film)
“Hoodoo Voodoo” Sound Design/Mixer/Composer/Music Director-2010 (Feature Film)
“High School Brawl” Sound Design/Engineer/Mixer -2010 (Short Film)
“Family Restaurant” Sound Designer/Foley-2010-2011(1 Season) (Television)
“X-Weighted”  Sound Designer/Foley-2009-2010(2 Seasons) (Television)
“The Greatest Auto Race on Earth” Assistant Sound Design- 2008 (Documentary)

Composer for U of L 45 Anniversary Theme- 2011
Composer for Science Foundation of Alberta’s Edacity Theme – 2012
Composer of U of L Supporting our Students Campaign – 2012

Live Sound
Sound Engineer for The Artery- 2013-2015
Sound Engineer for Wunderbar 2013- 2015
Sound Engineer for Live at the Leg – Summer 2014
Sound Operator for New West Theatre Summer 2013 Season
Sound engineer for The Slice Bar and Grill- 2010-2013
Traveling sound engineer for Weird Fest 2011
Sound engineer for Henotic Restaurant- 2009-2010

Other Clients
Fox Who Slept The Day Away,Reid Maul, Mary Wood, CKXU 88.3 FM,,Angela Healy ,Tophie Davies,The Yeah Dads,Mormon Girls,John Greenshields,Andrew Scott,Steven Foord,Jack Gallows,Coal Creek Boys,Geoff Rhodenizer,Rick Miller, Brodyr, Junkman’s Choir, The Bradford Whites.

Successful Grant Applications

FACTOR – Juried Sound Recording – 2017

Edmonton Arts Council – Individual Project Grant (2016)
Alberta Foundation For The Arts – Education Grant (2016)
Alberta Foundation For The Arts – Marketing Grant (2016)
FACTOR – Showcase Grant (2016)
Harvard Broadcasting – Alberta Music Domestic Tour Grant (2016)
Harvard Broadcasting – Alberta Music Showcase Grant (2016)
Alberta Foundation For The Arts – Marketing Grant (2016)
Alberta Foundation For The Arts – Individual Project Recording Grant (2015)

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