Preamps and Converters

-API 3124 (4)

-Warm Audio 412 (4)

-Universal Audio LA-610(1)

-Antelope Orion 32 – Converters


-Sennheiser 421 x 3

-Sennheiser 441

-Shure SM 57

-Shure SM 58

-Shure SM 7B

-EV RE-20

-Nuemann Km 184

-Miktek CV4


-Copperphone Resonator A


-Sony C38b


-UA T4 Optical Compressor

– DBX 160-A

-Warm Audio 1176 (1)


-Martin D-000 Acoustic Guitar

– Rickenbacker 360

-Fender Jazzmaster (Japan)

-Fender Musicmaster Bass

-Ludwig Classic Maple Fab 22 Drum Kit

-Ludwig Black Beauty Snare

-Roland Juno 106

-RS09 – String Synthesizer

-Fender Princeton

-Nord Electro 3

-Yamaha YC-10 Combo Organ

-Hofner Viola Bass

-Ampeg Micro CL

– Suzuki Omnichord

-Casio Mt-100


-Korg Microkorg Synthesizer

-Korg Volca Keys and Beats

-Various Percussion Inst. (Shakers,Tambourines, etc.)

-Upright Piano

-Wurlitzer Electric Piano


-All recording done with Pro tools 12

-Roland Space Echo – Re-201

-Yamaha NS-10’s + Bryston 3B

-Eventide H9 FX Unit

-Furman RV-1 Spring Reverb


-Autotune EFX

-Sony Cassette Player/Duplicator

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